Dream Queen Marijuana Strain Information — Genetics, Effects & Growing

Dream Queen Marijuana Strain Information

What do you get when you mix Blue Dream and Space Queen? The Dream Queen of course. This superb marijuana strain is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. The combination of the two parent strains gives Dream Queen a unique heavy hitting euphoric high.

The strain is loud, in the sense that it’s got an intense aroma. There are hints of pineapple and bubblegum mixed with citrus/menthol flavors with that unique taste of hash when smoked or vaped. It’s one of those strains you can’t help but smell all day long.

Nonetheless, it’s important to keep the bud in a hermetically sealed jar in order to contain the smell profile, unless you like your car or room to stink up.


As mentioned, Dream Queen comes from Blue Dream and Space Queen, both strains that have made a name for themselves within the cannabis community. The Sativa Dominance of the strain is what makes Dream Queen such a fan favorite.

The marriage between Indica and Sativa makes it a great strain to grow considering that it is faster to crop out than a typical sativa strain, and produces a yield more reminiscent of indica strains.

For those who want to have high resin production with an ultra-powerful euphoric high…this is definitely the right strain for you.

Good For — Anxiety, Depression, Stress,

Effects — Happy, Uplifting, Relaxed, Euphoria, Giggles

Types of high

You can expect to have a quick onset with this strain. You’ll immediately notice how the high crawl up your back and hits your brain, sending it into a whirlpool of thoughts. You’ll be in a space-like state feeling giddy and ready for the day.

While you’ll be relaxed, you’ll still have energy. The euphoria is quite intense as well sending you into what can only be explained as a waking dream.

It’s a perfect help for those who are suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. They say the best medicine is laughter…Dream Queen will definitely get you laughing.

Aroma & Taste

When you open the bag, you’ll immediately notice the fruity dominance of the strain with hints of sweetness. There’s also a strong undertone of ‘earthy’ smells.

The taste profile is very similar to the smell profile of the strain, except when you start smoking it you will get a faint hash-like flavor.


Growing this strain is great for moderate growers. It’s not the easiest strain on the planet, but it’s also not the most difficult. Dream Queen will produce buds within about 7-9 weeks and generates a very significant yield for being a sativa dominant strain.

The resin production of this strain is also off the charts, making it awesome for people who need to make oils from cannabis for medical purposes.

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Negative Effects

As with most marijuana strains, Dream Queen will make your eyes red and your mouth dry. We recommend that you have a lot of water available when smoking this powerhouse strain.

Final Words

Feeling for a dream queen after this review? Leave your comment below if you have ever tried the dream queen.

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