Dipper Vaporizer Review — A Vape Pen With Two Modes

Dipper Vaporizer Review

As dabbing increases in popularity, everyone is looking for a trendier and easier way to dab. With the Dipper Vaporizer Review, we will speak about the features and multiple uses of the vape pen.

What makes the Dipper Vaporizer special is the fact that, it is multi-functional and portable —  thus, you can vape-on-the-go.

This innovative dab pen is excellent for wax concentrates. As dabbing is one of the hottest ways to consume weed at the moment, it is worth looking into the features of this device.

Another aspect that makes the Dipper Vaporizer so different is the mix between a vape pen and an electronic rig. It reminds you of the classic vape pen feel because of the dual quartz rod atomizer it is equipped with. But it also has a straw/atomizer/nectar collector attachment for the most suitable dab dips.

The Dipper Vaporizer Review — features

The Dipper Vaporizer does not come cheap, but it well worth it. Amazingly there are 3 temperature settings. The battery is also long-lasting.

Quality – build

The Dipper vaporizer is an upgraded model of a normal vaporizer. It has a slick but compact design where the tips can be easily interchanged.

It uses a quartz crystal tip atomizer for the straw method. It is a vertical atomizer and therefore the straw doesn’t need to be loaded or prepared. You just have to dip the atomizer into the concentrate and enjoy. The user has complete control. For the vape pen method, it uses a dual quartz oven chamber.

The battery seems long-lasting and that is a positive point.


What do you get?



Opening the box you find:

  • Dipper Vaporizer
  • Loading tool
  • 2 Vapor tip atomizers (Ceramic tip with Ni coil)
  • Micro-USB cable for charging
  • 1 Quartz crystal atomizer (dual quartz rods and TI coils)
  • 2 replacement O-rings
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Users Guide
  • Colours- Chrome, Rose Gold, Charcoal

Overview of Vape Quality

The Dipper Vaporizer is definitely competitive with all other vaporizers out there. With its slim design, it is easy to hold. It is one of the fastest dabbing pens. The oven doesn’t have to be loaded, you can start right away.

Because the extended mouthpiece is not close to the heating compartments, it doesn’t burn your lips. As all other vaporizers, it charges easily from a laptop or charging station using a micro-USB cable.

It has 3 temperature settings. It seems that the higher setting might be a bit harsh for some users. For the best flavour, the first 2 settings are the recommended. The hits you get are very solid.

One of the greatest features of the dipper is that it gives a controlled and clean hit. It doesn’t matter if it is a dab-on-the-go or a standard vapor.

As the design is made of quality materials, it is easier to clean and maintain. Overall, the results are awesome.

It is also easy to remove the battery. You just need to take the magnetic mouthpiece off, unscrew the battery cover and place in a special section. The battery charges for about 20 minutes.

After Thoughts

What stands out about the Dipper Vaporizer are the 2 modes it has. You can use the Vape Pen mode or the Nectar-Collector mode. It is small, light, and, portable for easy travelling. All-in-all, a good buy.

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