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Combie Grind and Roll Product Review 2018

When you’re looking to buy weed-related devices, you should consider the Combie Grind & Roll grinder. While there are many cannabis grinders on the market for relatively cheap, the Combie Grind & Roll comes equipped with a chamber to store papers, weed and looks quite awesome.

Additionally, it’s still small enough to fit into your pocket making this grinder definitely something you’ll want to add to your shopping cart.

Combie Grind & Roll Specs

The Combie Grind & Roll come in the shape of a rectangular box. There are three different parts to the box. The small chamber is designed for storing your pick (used for cleaning out the grinder) and perhaps a lighter.

The centrepiece of the device is the grinder itself. The grinder is its own storage unit as well. Next, to the grinder, you have the large storage compartment. Here you can stash papers and extra weed as well.

Despite all the “real estates” occupied on such a small device, yet this grinder can fit into your pocket — making it my first choice for a weed grinder.

Don’t let the pictures fool you, the device is only 4.4 “ big.

It also comes with Magnetic Sealed, Fiberglass reinforced plastic grinder and the cleaning pick. Additionally, it comes with COMBIE rolling papers and tips (a user’s manual).


Combie Grind & Roll


What do the people say?

We searched Amazon for a few reviews and overall people are enthusiastic about the grinder.

One Amazon User Scottdude had this to say;


A must have for anyone who likes to roll on the go!!! I can’t wait to take this thing along on my summer adventures!!!! The grinder works great “a nice fine grind” but it is a little on the small side but not enough to keep me from using it even at home. A big plus to the small grinder is that it has a large storage bin under it with more than enough room to roll a big fatty. It also has a nice little pick to clean out your grinder and pack your ends. The side dispenser makes it very easy to fill your paper. On the bottom side, you can store up to king size papers and about 30 extra wide tips. Just do yourself a favour and buy it this summer you’ll be glad you did.
Amazon User


While the majority of the reviews had a positive ring to it, some users weren’t that amused. For instance, the Ciampa Family (another Amazon user) had this to say;

Great concept, very clever design. The one I received was warped and doesn’t close properly. I don’t know if I would recommend this in its current version. Looks like only Combie brand papers and filters fit. Possibly other brands, but not all.
Amazon User

It seems that the Ciampa Family simply received a factory defaulted product. The rest of the users all had pretty much positive things to say about the device.

Should I own one?

If you’re not worried about dishing out $15 USD on a portable grinder/ stash box, then it’s worth the investment. However, $15 sounds like a lot to you…a normal grinder would work just as well.

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