CBD Oil vs E Liquid – What Are They Used For & How Are They Different?

CBD Oil vs E Liquid – Uses And Differences

With so many cannabis-related products in the market, we find that many consumers or would-be consumers are confused with all the choices and terminology. Which brings us to the main theme of this article  — CBD Oil vs E-Liquid.

While there are some overlapping issues with these two products, they are in fact completely different.

CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana or hemp plant, whereas E-liquid, in essence, is vegetable glycerin infused with either nicotine, THC, CBD amongst others.

We will elaborate more on the differences between these two substances below.

What is CBD Oil?

56 Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil

First off, CBD Oil or Cannabidiol oil is an extract from either the cannabis plant or the hemp plant. This oil is used for medical purposes i.e. epileptic seizure, chronic pain, nausea and a host of other medical conditions.

CBD oil is legal in some countries and illegal (depend on the product) in other countries. Interestingly, it has recently gained a lot of international hype due to its non-psychoactive nature and therapeutic properties.

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Irrespectively, CBD oil should not be confused with E-liquid as they are both different substances with different compositions.

What is e-liquid?


E-liquid is the liquid used for electronic vaporizers. This is typically infused with nicotine or THC depending on the product.

Essentially, the e-juice or e-liquid is nothing more than vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

E-juice acts as a base that allows it to be infused with a wide array of other substances, creating the possibility to use any conventional vaporizer to ingest the substances. It serves no other purpose other than to be used for infusion and to make any substance “vape-able”.

It contains no medicinal value nor does it contain any cannabinoids — except you infuse the e-liquid with cannabis, only then would you be able to ingest cannabinoids via this method.

Why do people get confused over CBD oil and E-Liquid

It’s easy to get over-saturated with both products. People believe that one thing is like another when in reality it’s completely different. Comparing CBD oil and E-Liquid is like comparing apples and bricks. One of the substances acts merely as a base while the other contains a complex structure of cannabinoids, terpenoids and so forth.

Furthermore, every day there is a new revolutionary product or ways to ingest cannabis. It is no wonder, therefore, people get confused.

To make things even worse, merchants label their products with all sorts of “names” i.e. CBD e-liquids, as a way to make their products attractive, thus, sell — it’s all marketing gimmicks.

Final thoughts

Don’t be fooled into believing that “e-liquids” contains any medical value. It’s what you use to infuse it with that adds the medicinal value.

You do need e-liquid to make CBD-oil vape-ready for any device. If you were to try to vape CBD oil in a vape pen without mixing it with e-liquid first, it will eventually clog up the device and ruin it. In that respect, e-liquid is very important to make your CBD oil usable in any vaporizer.

Hopefully, this dispells any confusions you may have had concerning CBD oil vs E-liquids.

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