CBD For Children: Should You Consider Treatment Of CBD For Kids?

CBD For Children: Should You Consider Treatment Of CBD For Kids?

CBD for children is the latest discovery in medicine that slowly pushes other treatments aside and takes the well-deserved reputation. In the past many people knew about it and used CBD for kids in order to treat various illnesses, however, doctors were mostly the ones not approving this whole CBD for children thing.

Are the odds in favor of CBD for children right now? Let’s first uncover some basics into the treatment with CBD for kids.

Is CBD for children safe?

CBD distillates, oils and all kinds of CBD-based products have gained their fair share of attention due to the discoveries that the Cannabidiol compound in cannabis is able to treat a vast variety of health issues, and has a large number of medicinal benefits. However, just like all treatments, it has its own target group of people that can use it. Are children among those?

You see, the CBD, also known as the Cannabidiol, is the second most abundantly found compound in marijuana and the hemp plant after THC. Even though tiny, over the last decade surely made a large impact on many people’s lives. Due to the legalization and tolerance for marijuana by the authorities in many countries worldwide, plenty of research has been done on the topic. The results? CBD can potentially help treat a wide variety of health conditions that affect children as well. The results go far into the ADD or ADHD, insomnia, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and many others.

What is CBD anyway?

CBD-rich cannabis strain

CBD-rich cannabis strain via pixabay.

Despite the latest research, people are still having trouble accepting the plant’s beneficial compound as a suitable remedy for their children. Namely, CBD for kids has been often rejected in history and in order to change that, we need to take a closer look as just what CBD is.

CBD is a substance found in all cannabis varieties in different doses. The reason why it is one of the more prominent compounds found in the plant is that it is a non-psychoactive compound, as opposed to its counterpart THC. This means that you will not get the euphoric high feeling you would normally get when using the whole plant or just a certain THC-based product. Namely, the THC in cannabis is responsible for the iconic “high” we traditionally associate with smoking weed, and that is a completely different molecule. The problem with CBD for kids or for anyone for that matter comes from misunderstanding and mixing the two compounds.

You see, Raphael Mechoulam was the first person to discover the existence of CBD in the cannabis plant back in the 1960s. Luckily, his discovery led to a plethora of research later on. And a mass body of research has been done not only on CBD but also on THC and other active cannabinoids to gain a better understanding at just what they are good for in the body.

Where can you find the CBD for children?

Bottle of CBD oil

Bottle of oil via unsplash.

Unfortunately, so far cannabis has been a widely popular plant for its mind-altering effects thus, it’s THC that has been under the loop. Growers and users have been demanding strains with a lot more THC in them as opposed to CBD, which is why today we witness strains with only low to medium concentrations of CBD in them. However, with many people using the plant therapeutically, and with research being in favor of CBD for children, this THC craze is slowly shifting.

The research on the usage of CBD for kids

We now know that the compound Cannabidiol has many beneficial effects. These include anti-inflammatory effects, the control of and even reversing symptoms like chronic pain, seizures, and limiting the growth of tumors even.

It is findings like these that have encouraged countries like Canada, The United States, The Netherlands, Jamaica, Spain, and many others to legalize the recreational or therapeutic use of the plant for specific ailments.

News on CBD for children treatments

There were plenty of “scandals” and happenings around CBD that shocked the whole world but one has left the mark as being the foundation after which many studies were conducted and finally CBD was proclaimed as a safe treatment for everyone by the WHO (World Health Organization) in 2017. Namely, the story is about a young girl named Charlotte who suffered from Dravet syndrome. The Dravet syndrome is an extremely rare condition also known as infant epilepsy. In her life, due to this syndrome, she suffered from intense, and sometimes even hour-long seizures. No medication could stop her from having even up to 300 seizures per week. Reaching this record high number made her parent seek help elsewhere. Where? In nature, of course! The parents, her doctors, and even Charlotte herself couldn’t believe that she finally found a cure in the CBD-dominant cannabis extract now known as Charlotte’s Web.

CBD oil in the bottle

CBD oil via unsplash.

In just the first week of using the CBD-based concentrate, she was able to get relief 100% from the seizures she was having. Now she enjoys her life almost seizure-free, suffering through roughly 0 to 1 seizure per week.

When the world found out about this treatment of CBD for children, many were shocked and concerned about these parents giving their daughter drugs. However, the WHO, after finally conducting their own research stated that they weren’t able to find any health risks to using the CBD for kids or for anyone, for that matter.

“To date, there is no evidence of the recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD,” the WHO wrote in their study.

The benefits of CBD for kids

The CBD isn’t only beneficial for the treatment of a specific ailment. People also state that they use it to enhance their already healthy life, too. Namely, with it, you can improve many conditions common for children and adults such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomniaor simply sleep issues
  • CBD is an effective anticonvulsant, which means it can help control even the most severe childhood epilepsy
  • Hyperactivity
  • ADD or ADHD

Marijuana leaf

Marijuana leaf via unsplash.

The best thing about using CBD for kids is that you won’t have to worry about the side effects, because CBD is practically free of those. For instance, it is common that anti-seizure medications can induce drowsiness, fatigue, sleepiness, and behavioral changes in children. Why would you want to cause this to your child when you can simply use a CBD concentrate or oil that is 100% natural? Furthermore, ADD/ADHD medications are known to cause sleep problems, nausea, nervousness, agitation, vomiting, anxiety, and many other side effects.

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