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Being cannasexual® is a new lifestyle combining cannabis and sex!

The Use of Cannabis

Cannabis cannot be underestimated when it comes to its utilization. These versatile plants are used in various industries such as the textile, chemical, and food industry. Cannabis is also used therapeutically in its raw form. It turns out that cannabis can also be very useful … in the bedroom. The concept of being “Cannasexual®” is a lifestyle choice to consciously combine marijuana and sex.

The goal is to use cannabis to deepen intimacy and increase pleasure, be it alone or in a partnership. The term “CannaSexual®” was created by Ashley Manta, an American sex educator. She explained in an interview with the HuffingtonPost that the idea is the result of her own experiences, observations of her surroundings, and the finding of a business niche:


I realized that sex educators are not talking about how to combine sex with cannabis. Thus, I thought it could be a really interesting niche. Am saying this from the perspective of a victim of sexual violence. Marijuana allowed me to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but I use dedicated brand products to cope with pain during intercourse. 
Ashley Manta


Ashely Manta Cannasexual

Now, under CannaSexual®, a variety of educational workshops and events are held to educate and improve the sex life between couples and how they can use cannabis to achieve that.

Ashely says:

Cannabis oil can be used on sexual parts to enhance the bodily sensations, alleviate discomfort or pain during intercourse, promote intimacy, and also introduce novelty 

Along with her guidance, Mrs. Manta created a brand of dedicated products to be used before any planned sexual activity. Among them, we find lubricants made from oil with the addition of CBD or THC, as well as creams, lotions, and aerosols with indicated cannabinoids.

The addition of hemp compounds is not (just) a marketing gimmick, but also a conscious use of their action in practice.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

THC is a substance that dilates the blood vessels, causing genital hyperemia and swelling to occur. As a result, the readiness for love frolics increases as well as the intensity of sensations.

In addition, another advantage associated with the use of THC is pain reduction during sexual intercourse.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD also has its uses mainly being used to reduce inflammation within the internal genital area.

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The Skeptics

And what about the people who do not wish to be intoxicated after using such an essential oil? Ashley Manta hurries with the following information:

A small amount of essential oil massaged directly into the genital skin before intercourse does not cause major changes in the perception of reality. However, it’s quite different in the case of oral sex  – adds Manta.

Does consuming cannabis really show efficacy? Well, we are all different and we receive stimuli differently, thus achieving certain sensations with the use of hemp products, especially in adults, are different. Apparently, the general opinion is positive. Ashley Manta, who has been expert in cannabis and sex, admits that the majority of people using the CannaSexual’s products report an increase in pleasant sensations, reduced pain, and discomfort experienced during sex, increased blood flow to the genitals, and increased the ability to experience stronger orgasms.

Access to cannasexual?

Is this product accessible to the public? Unfortunately, even in CannaSexual’s homeland, the use of cannabis for adults is restricted because marijuana is not legal in all 50 US states. There is a similar problem in most countries around the world.

As advised by Ashley Manta, in this situation you can always choose a product containing only cannabidiol (CBD). The only question is whether the effects will be spectacular as cannasexual®.

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