Bubba Kush Strain — Genetics, Growing & Effects

Bubba Kush Strain


It is the tranquility of this indica strain that has made it popular in the USA and beyond. Sweet Hashish is the most loved flavor of this strain that exhibits a strange splendid taste of dissolved chocolate and coffee. This taste settles in the mind with such great ease as the consumer settles into a relaxed mood. Bubba is a strong, stocky and stout plant that is bulky in profile. Though the genetic origins are not well established, the profile of this plant indicates that of Afghani.


Bubba is named after its breeder who claims that the strain came to being in 1996 when an OG Kush pollinated an unknown strain of indica obtained in New Orleans. Ever since that time, the genetically mysterious Bubba Kush strain has prospered. Even though, the genetic history of Bubba Kush strain dates back to Kush Mountain. The history remains mere speculation, as there are no substantial claims to back it up. Also, its genesis is believed to be accidental.


bubba kush

THC: 15% – 22%, CBD: 12%

Good For — Pain Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Loss of Appetite, Chronic Pain 
Effects — Euphoria, Sleep, Relaxation, Energizing, Happy, ADD/ADHD, Arthritis, Stress 


Types of High

The strain is 100% indica and is known to deliver a relaxed feeling to the consumer. It also induces a very heavy sedative and a strong feeling of euphoria. It is advisable not to use this strain at daytime. It is best for an evening buzz.

Aroma & Taste

It has a piney scent that comes with an earthy and sweet taste. 


Bubba Kush is very easy to grow. It can do well outdoors and even in greenhouse cultivation.

Bubba Kush works well in temperatures ranging between 72 to 80 Fahrenheit.

It can be grown indoors in soil but often grow well when using hydroponic solutions instead.

It flowers between 8 and 9 weeks.

Its yields averagely range between 32 to 35 grams per square meter.

Negative effects

Dry cotton Mouth



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