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Blue Dream Strain



Looking for a strain that will give you an ultimate experience? Look no further, the blue dream strain will set you on a magical journey from wither to bloom. So what makes up this strain of weed? What effects does it have on users? What is it good for?

blue dream

THC: 17% – 24%, CBD: 2%

Good For — Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Loss of Appetite
Effects — Euphoria, Energy, Happy, Creative


It is a hybrid. To say the least, Blue dream is the most dominant strain among marijuana users of today. It is said to be the most adored of the Marijuana strains globally. Blue dream has indeed won the heart of stoner celebrities like Wiz Khalif and David Blaine etc. Blueberry indica is combined with a Sativa Haze to result in this strain.

The blue dream strain comes in different flavours (berry, blueberry, sweet, vanilla). The aroma can be Earthy, Fruity, Sweet or Vanilla. The lack of sedative effect makes it a good choice for daytime weed users.

Type of High

Cerebral awakening is one of the effects to be expected after using this strain. It gives you a body buzz and a promising balance between Sativa and Indica.  Uplifting, pain relieve with no signs of sedation are some other positive effects.

A majority of cannabis users love this weed strain for its boost in creativity and the energizing effect it gives when consumed.


Flowers in about ten weeks. Best time for harvesting in September to early October.


It is widely referred to as Blueberry Haze. A Sativa dominated hybrid that draws its roots from California. Its history dates back to around 2003 when blue Berry indica was genetically crossed with Haze to give a yield of the Blue Dream at Santa Cruz in California.

Has more of sativa (around 60%) than indica (around 40%). CBD levels range about 2%.

It is the product of the most popular Blueberry smartly crossed with Haze strains. What a combination of parents? You can imagine the output. It is mostly known for the enchantment of the slightly higher content of THC ranging between 17 and 24. Its lineage links it to both Afghan and Thai weed strains.

Positive Effects

  • Relieve of tension: Relaxes the body after use.
  • Happiness:  Awakens mood, It uplifts your spirit resulting in joy and happiness
  • Euphoric: it makes you elated almost around the clock.
  • Improves Creativity

Long lasting sweet, pleasant aroma inherited from blueberry.

Negative Effects

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Cotton-like

Medical Use

Used in medical dispensaries for the treatment of depression, chronic fatigue, body pains and restoration of appetite.

Final Thoughts

The blue dream strain is good for both recreational and medical use. If you are into arts and music, you might want to try this strain. Come back and leave a review if you do try it.

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