Best Weed Cake Ideas | Artistic Cake Designs & Recipes

Best Weed Cake Ideas

Cannabis edibles have become prominent and are nowadays the preferred option for many marijuana users. Among the many edibles available, weed cakes are one that requires a certain level of proficiency in making — simply because not many people are good at baking.

In this article, we look at some popular weed cake recipes.  The methods explained here are simple and can be implemented by virtually anybody that wants to bake weed cakes at home instead of buying one.

Before that let’s take a look at some of the best artistic cake designs in 2018. I must admit some of these designs almost had me drooling.

Best weed cake ideas 2018

How to make weed cakes— sponge cakes

To prepare marijuana sponge cake at home, you need the following ingredients;

  • Melted cannabutter,
  • A pinch of salt,
  • One plain yoghurt,
  • Two glasses of sugar,
  • Three glasses of flour,
  • 5 grams of marijuana buds,
  • A packet of yeast, and
  • Three eggs

Make sure you get all these ingredients before starting the process of baking the cake. You may be wondering how to get marijuana buds and the cannabutter — it can be ordered online from stores that sell marijuana products. Alternatively, looking for a local dealer can work well in helping you get all these requirements.


Start by preheating the oven to 180 degrees.

Melt the cannabutter for about twenty seconds as you mix the other ingredients in a bowl.

Stir the mixture till you have a soft dough that contains no lumps, using a blender is an alternative to the stirring.

Grind the marijuana buds and add them to the dough alongside the cannabutter that you had melted.

Stir this mixture to ensure all the ingredients have mixed well.

Then pour it into the baking paper and bake for about half an hour or so.

Check the oven to see if the cake is well baked if so take it out and serve.

Weed chocolate birthday cake recipe

chocolate weed cake

Cannabis chocolate birthday cake is the most suited weed cake idea if you want to surprise a cannabis lover on his or her birthday. Making this weed chocolate cake requires no prior knowledge of baking. Just read through this recipe while making it and you are good to go. You will need the following ingredients to bake a weed cake.

  • One cup of buttermilk,
  • Half a cup of cannabutter,
  • Eight tablespoons of cocoa,
  • Two sticks of regular butter,
  • Four cups of sugar,
  • Half a tablespoon of salt,
  • Four cups of flour,
  • Two teaspoons of baking soda,
  • At least 24 ounces of broken sweet chocolate pieces,
  • Three cups of heavy ice cream,
  • Two teaspoons of vanilla extract,
  • Two sticks of regular butter, and
  • Two cups of boiling water


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, then use the cocoa to heavily dust four 9-inch round cake pans
  2. Then mix the flour, sugar, and salt in a mixing bowl
  3. Melt the cannabutter and add cocoa to it and then the boiling water
  4. Let this simmer for about half a minute and then pour it over the flour mixture
  5. Stir it lightly to cool
  6. Combine the baking soda, buttermilk and vanilla extract in a bowl and then add this mixture to the butter and chocolate mixture above
  7. Divide the regular butter among the cake pans that you had dusted with the use of cocoa and bake for at least 20 minutes, make sure you cool completely before icing for the best results
  8. When you get to the frosting bit, ensure that you heat the cream until it is very hot and then pour over the baked chocolate pieces
  9. Stir this to cool and pour into an electric mixer
  10. Refrigerate to cool and once completely cool, add the vanilla and beat with an electric mixer until light and airy
  11. Frost the cake in between the layers and finally serve the ready weed chocolate cake

How to decorate weed cakes

To decorate weed theme cakes, you can get weed cake ideas from online sources such as Pinterest. We have curated the best weed cake ideas 2018 above. You can also ask your local baker to decorate a cake for you using marijuana theme (which you can get online). The most common artistic weed cake designs come with the sketch of the cannabis plant.


  1. Use white and green cream to get the best contrast between the cake and the cannabis plant decoration.
  2. Create an outline by using the white cream first. Draw the leaf of a marijuana boldly using the white cream.
  3. Once you have the outline, now feel the space within the decoration’s borders with the green cream. Pay special attention to the appearance of the leaf margin, it should be serrated and this can be done by use of a sharp knife to make the serrated parts more visible.
  4. You can also add a leaf stalk, but be careful as doing this could mess up the whole decoration if done the wrong way.


Weed cake effects

Weed cakes, in general, are tasty and many people love them obviously because they are sweet. It is important to note however that just like taking a regular cake, weed cake can cause cavities. Thus, it is important to brush immediately after eating. The sugar content is also not advised to diabetic patients.

Of course one of the most common effects of weed is the fact that it will make you “high” if the weed buds used in the preparation contain THC. You are therefore advised to take weed cake from the comfort of your home or in the company of a trusted person in order to avoid any inconveniences it may cause.

Final thoughts

There are many creative weed cake ideas online that will inspire you to create yours. If you are a “stoner” and a fan of cakes, you will definitely love weed cakes because of the high and sweetness.

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