20 Best Stoner Movies of All Time | A 2018 Review

Best Stoner Movies

Here are the top 20 stoner movies:

Whether or not you are a stoner, you will appreciate the comedy that revolves around weed-themed movies. Here are some of the most voted weed-themed movies by  marijuana enthusiast.   

1. Half Baked (1998)

Half Baked (1998)

Starring: Dave Chappelle, Jim Breuer, Harland Williams and Guillermo Diaz

When their friend was arrested for accidentally killing a New York City police horse (buttercup) by feeding it junk food, Chappelle, Breuer, and Diaz came up with a scheme to get their friend out of prison. The plan is to sell stolen marijuana from a pharmaceutical lab to raise enough bail money. Simple enough right? So it seems until Chappelle’s character meets a woman who disapproves of marijuana. He has to find a balance between  his marijuana business and his personal life. This is one of the most popular weed movies on Netflix to date.

2.Dazed And Confused (1993)

Dazed And Confused (1993)

Starring: Jason London,  Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, Parker Posey and Milla Jovovich

The year is 1976 and these graduates are planning to make their last day of high school one to remember by drinking, smoking weed and hazing incoming  freshmen

3.Friday (1995)

Friday movie (1995)

Starring: Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Tom Lister Jr., Regina King, Bernie Mac

One Friday, Ice Cube’s character is fired from his job after being framed for stealing. He later on discovers his rent is overdue. Not only that but his best friend Smokey, played by Chris Tucker (a mischievous drug dealer) who sells weed for bigworm ( a dangerous drug dealer) he is indebted to. Smokey must find a way to make  money to pay off his debt! That isn’t all that makes this this stoner movie an all-time classic.

4.Up In Smoke (1978)

Up In Smoke (1978)

Starring: Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong

When two wayward musicians meet on a highway and are deported to Mexico. They decide to drive a van made of marijuana and unknowingly smuggle tons of marijuana into the United States all while evading the law. One of the best stoner movies of all time. One amongst others that started the stoner movie era. Certainly a must see.

5.Cheech And Chong’s Next Movie (1980)

Cheech And Chong's Next Movie (1980)

Starring: Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong

In their second movie the duo deal with the effects of being broke in Los Angeles and go through a series of drug-influenced misadventures

6.Super High Me (2008)

Super High Me (2008)

Starring: Doug Benson

In an attempt to find out what marijuana does to the body, comedian Doug Benson documents his experience after abstaining from weed for 30 days and consuming large amounts of weed for another 30 days. The film also features interviews with users of marijuana, dispensary owners, politicians and activists of the cannabis movement.

7. Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)

Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)

Starring: John Cho, Kal Penn

Best friends Harold and Kumar smoke a ton of weed on a Friday night. Got hit with the munchies and decide they need burgers from White Castle. A simple plan at first gets a bit harder when they discover the closest White Castle has been closed down. A series of bizarre incidents occur which make for an unforgettable night all in an effort to get some White Castle Burgers

8.Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (2008)

Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (2008)

Starring: John Cho, Kal Penn

In the second instalment of this series the two are arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay. Ordered to fellate a guard, they manage to escape, make their way to Florida, and head for Texas to find Kumar’s ex-girlfriend’s fiancé, the well-connected Colton, and get him to intercede with Washington on their behalf.

9. A Very Harold And Kumar 3d Christmas (2011)

A Very Harold And Kumar 3d Christmas (2011)

Starring John Cho, Kal Penn

Six years after their last adventure, stoner pals Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) have grown apart and found new friends. As each is busy making holiday preparations, a mysterious package mistakenly arrives on Kumar’s doorstep. Unfortunately, Kumar’s attempt to redirect the package to Harold goes up in smoke — along with a prize Christmas tree belonging to Harold’s father-in-law. The pair’s journey across New York City to find a replacement tree threatens to blow Christmas Eve sky-high .

10. Ted (2012)

Ted movie (2012)

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis

When John, played by Wahlberg meets Lori Collins(Mila Kunis) he must choose between the weed-smoking rowdy life and his best friend Ted – a talking teddy bear

11.Reefer Madness (1936)

11.Reefer Madness (1936)

Starring: Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig, Lillian Miles, Dave O’Brien

When drug use becomes rampant in a school community a number of unfortunate incidents occur including manslaughter, rape, and murder.This movie somewhat serve as a cautionary tale for would-be marijuana users. But fret not this film is not a documentary and is purely fictional

12.How High (2001)

How High (2001)

Starring: Method Man, Redman, Mike Epps

When two slackers Jamal and Silas smoke a strain of marijuana fertilized by their dead friend, Ivory’s ashes. The two are able to summon Ivory’s ghost who helps them to ace their college entrance exams. All is well until the plant is stolen and the two are left seemingly helpless to the point that Jamal even suggests that the two dig up and smoke the remains of an intellectual deceased person. Silas, on the other hand, recommends that they study. However, the two ended up failing their midterms exams terribly.

13.Pineapple Express (2008)

Pineapple Express (2008)

Starring: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Gary Cole

Dale Denton, played by Seth Rogen, and his drug dealer Saul Silver, played by James Franco witness a murder at the home of Ted Jones, a dangerous drug lord. The two escape that night but quickly realize they are being tracked by a rare strain of weed called Pineapple Express that is supplied by Franco’s character.

14. American Ultra (2015)

 American Ultra (2015)

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Topher Grace

Unbeknownst to the stoner played by Eisenberg, he is actually a trained operative of the C.I.A whose contract terminated. Now he must protect himself and his girlfriend while high .

15. This Is The End (2013)

This Is The End (2013)

Starring: Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Michael Cera, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and Emma Watson

In this movie, all the stars play themselves in a post-apocalyptic world and cope by smokings tons of weed

16.Smiley Face (2007)

Smiley Face (2007)

Starring: Anna Faris, Danny Masterson, John Krasinski

When Faris’ character accidentally eats an entire plate of her roommate’s weed-laced cookies she must undergo her daily tasks while stoned

17. Dude Where’s My Car? (2000)

Dude Where's My Car (2000)


Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Seann William Scott, Kristy Swanson, Jennifer Garner

When this duo smoked a bunch of weed. They wake up with no memory of the night before and the two must go on a search for Jesse’s missing car. While retracing their steps they encounter a transgender stripper, UFO cultists, and even aliens!

18. Growing Op (2008)

Growing Op (2008)


Starring: Steven Yaffee, Rachel Blanchard, Wallace Langham

Set in Canada, this movie is about a teen boy who runs a marijuana growing operation out of his parent’s home

19. Mac And Devin Go To High School (2012)

snoob dog movie

Starring: Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Mike Epps, Andy Milonakis, Mystikal

In this stoner comedy, Wiz Khalifa helps Snoop Dogg to finally graduate from high school after 15 years

20. Bong Of The Dead (2011)

 Bong Of The Dead (2011)

Starring: Simone Bailly, Ju Harris, Mark Wynn, Barry Nerling

Interestingly enough this stoner movie on Netflix is about zombies being used to fertilize weed.

 Here you go, the best stoner movies of all time. If i forgot to mention a movie you think should be on the list. Leave a comment below and i will add it to the list.

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