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The Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs

The benefits of CBD oil for dogs can be great, same as they can be for humans. As a dog owner, we know you wish nothing but the best for your furry friend. CBD oil, for those reasons, can be a great addition in the dog’s daily nutrition.

There are a lot of different ways that you can give CBD to your pet, but the most common ones and the most practical ones are CBD oil put directly under the tongue or simply, CBD dog treats.

If you are considering giving CBD oil to your dog but you are not sure where to start, we will give you all of the information that you need about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs!

But first…

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs

Same as with humans, CBD oil can’t do any harm. When purchased from certified sources, CBD oil can only provide benefits with little to no side effects.

There is only one possible side effect of CBD oil for dogs, which happens only in rare cases – drowsiness. However, this is not an issue in any way since your fluffy buddy will have a bit of a nap. Sometimes, especially with really energetic and lively dogs, that’s even a good thing!

CBD oil comes from hemp seeds which are a natural product. It is extracted by cold-pressing the seeds.

The thing you might be worried about is that your dog will start acting weird but remember this: CBD oil contains little to no traces of THC. THC is a psychoactive substance that is associated with the high feeling you get when smoking weed. CBD, on the other hand, is a non-psychoactive ingredient which doesn’t have any of the properties that THC has.

In that sense, it is 100% safe to say that no, neither you nor your dog will get high if you consume CBD oil.


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So what are the benefits of CBD oil for dogs?

CBD Oil is a Powerful Painkiller

Dogs, same as us humans are not immune to pain. Pain can be caused by numerous different reasons, anything from injury to a disease. If your dog hurt themselves recently or is diagnosed with a disease, CBD oil can provide real benefits for them and take them back to when they were their careless, painless self.

CBD oil for dogs can also help with arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammatory illness that affects the joints. This can be very painful both for people and dogs.

Because of the pain-relieving properties that CBD oil has, it is a good natural remedy that can help your dog get back on their paws and stop the pain. In more extreme cases when there is an ongoing inflammation, CBD oil can soothe the chronic inflammation and help the healing process.


CBD Oil for Better Appetite

Dogs are known for their good appetite, but sometimes, due to different reasons, they might cut down on eating. This can happen because of different reasons. It might be an illness or just a mental state where your dog feels sad or agitated, on cases such as someone goes away and the dog starts to miss them.

CBD oil is known to boost appetite, not only in dogs but in humans as well. That is the reason why terminally ill patients, cancer patients and AIDS patients are often recommended to take CBD oil for appetite-boosting purposes.

Give your dog CBD oil orally by placing it under their tongue and soon enough you pal will come around, wagging the tail, asking for treats.


CBD Oil Treatment

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Cancer Prevention and Treatment

In case you weren’t aware, cancer is not a disease which can hit humans only. It can happen to dogs as well, and the implications can be dreadful in the same way. Since CBD oil cannot be harmful, taking it as a prevention matter can actually do both you and your dog good. For dogs who unfortunately have cancer, CBD oil can be a gift sent from heaven since they can make them feel much better. Dogs with cancer can suffer from nausea, chronic pain and loss of appetite. All of those symptoms are found in humans and it is no secret that CBD oil is among the first things that cancer patients are advised to take. The way that CBD oil can help your pet is by boosting the immune system cells so they can try and kill cancer cells, stop the reproduction of cancer cells and alleviate the pain.


Dogs also suffer from anxiety and stress can also influence them. Dogs can become very stressed and anxious in a certain situation that might trigger an emotional response in them. One of those situations is when the owner leaves to go somewhere and the dog feels that they have been abandoned. This is usually the case with rescue dogs who had to live through the trauma of their owner walking away for good.


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CBD oil is known to help anxiety for both dogs and humans. Your furry friend will feel happier and the negative habits that come out of the anxiety might be minimized. Such habits are chewing your furniture, urinating on the rigs, running around with no purpose and similar.

Every person wants the best for their pet and CBD oil can be the thing you need to add to your dog’s daily nutrition to provide them with a happier and healthier life. The benefits of CBD oil have been long known and now it is becoming a widely accepted remedy for a lot of illnesses and conditions. If your furry friend has some of the above problems, or even if they are perfectly healthy but you would like to make them feel even better, CBD oil is the right way to go. The benefits of CBD oil for dogs can be truly amazing and you will be happy to see your dog being excited about life in general. Check out this cute doggy who was suffering from seizures and the owner who claims that CBD oil cured his dog!


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