Beginners Guide To Vape Pens | Batteries, Catridges & FAQs

Beginners Guide To Vape Pens

Vape pens are pretty much a modification of the old school smoking pots that were associated with aristocracy before the 19th century. There are no much differences between Vape pens and portable vaporizers since both serve the same purpose and work under the same conditions. i.e. used with THC concentrates, dry herbs — depending on the model of the Vape Pen.

However, the  differences between these two are :

Vape Pen — smaller in size and designed like a pen

Vaporizers — Bigger and comes in various designs ( desktops, pipes, box, teardrops etc)

differences between a vape pen and a portable vaporizer

How to vape using a vape pen

Vaping is still quite a new phenomenon in the cannabis world, and thus it is not strange to find that many of the traditional joint smokers don’t know much about vaping and vaping products.


  1. First, ensure that your vape pen is loaded, there are preloaded cartridges that can be bought at retail.
  2. Turn on the Vape Pen. Usually, a light will indicate that the unit is on. If this light doesn’t turn on, it means that your vape pen is low on battery and needs to be charged before using. Charging a Vape pen is quite easy since they come fitted with a USB port.
  3. Place your dry herbs (i.e. weed) or Oil ( i.e. CBD or THC Oil)
  4. Then vape (inhale the vapor).

Vaping, unlike traditional smoking, is not heavy on the lungs and thus you may be tempted to hold it in once inhaled. Avoid this as it is sure to make you dizzy.

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Vape pen battery

A vape pen battery should be charged at least once a day to ensure that it serves you well especially if you are a regular vaper. Avoid overcharging the vape pen as this affects the battery life negatively and will make your pen’s battery not last as it should. Never use direct current to charge your vape pen and at all times never eject the cells for no reason.

A Vape pen should never be charged while in use, the consequences of this could be fatal and it is best if avoided entirely.  Have a specific period for charging the Vape pen battery to avert any inconveniences. If you have not charged your vape pen battery, you should not worry much since they have a USB port and can be charged by using a power bank.


Vape pen cartridges

A Vape pen cartridge refers to a small tank like component of the Vape pen that allows the storage of the contents to be vaped, either dry herbs or oil.  Dry herbs are ground weed whereas the oil is hash oil. Hash oil happens to have a higher THC content —  for those seeking to experience a more intense high.

Vape pen cartridges come in two varieties:

  • Preloaded
  • Self-loaded cartridges.

Preloaded cartridges are bought from retailers with ready hash oil or dry herbs which the vaper uses directly without adding his or her own. These types of cartridges are suitable for first-time vapers that may not know much about loading a Vape pen cartridge.

Self-loaded cartridges allow the user to determine for himself or herself what amount of hash oil or dry herbs they want to Vape. Suitable for pros and people that are trying to withdraw from smoking.

Vape pen oil window

All vape pens have an oil window which houses the THC or CBD Oil (assuming you are using the pen for vaping weed). The oil window is meant to show the quantity of oil left in the vape pen.

vape pen oil window


Vape Pen automizer

Automizers is the part of the vape pen that heats up the THC or CBD oil, concentrates, wax, shatter etc and converts them to inhalable vapors


Cleaning your vape pen

Although not all vape pens require cleaning. Some vape pens are disposable (un-refillable). However, for those that require, it is important to keep them clean so as not to accumulate germs and bacteria which eventually put your health at risk.

The video below shows you how to clean your vape pen properly



Is vaping bad for your lungs?

There are many opinions out there as to whether or not vaping is good or bad for the health. The truth of the matter is, vaping is not harmful to the longs as much as smoking is. 

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Vape pens were explicitly made with the intention to help cigarette smokers overcome tobacco addiction.


Vape pens do not produce an odor when used, and this feature is what has made so many people opt to use them. Currently, the majority of vapers are not those that are trying to give up on smoking, but marijuana smokers who would like to smoke weed in public discreetly ( without attracting attention) and want to be part of the vaping culture.

Regular vapers admit to the fact that vaping is not heavy on the lungs, unlike traditional smoking.

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This, therefore, goes a long way to show that Vape pens are not as much of a health risk as cigarettes are. This, however, does not mean they are completely health-risk-free.  You should vape your weed with moderation, knowing that you could develop any respiratory diseases or other related diseases if not checked.    

Final words

Vaping is a revolutionized way of “smoking” weed — It has become a style accessory and a culture amongst millennials.

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