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Beginners Guide To Marijuana Strains

Are you about to purchase your first gram of marijuana? You are probably finding the different varieties of strains overwhelming and utterly confusing. This beginners guide to marijuana strains will help you make more informed decisions.

There are significant differences that distinguish popular marijuana strains. The unique combinations of different cannabis plants offer specific effects, thanks to their distinct characteristics.

Which strain is best for you? What type of high and medicinal benefits do these strains have? Read on to find out about these and more.

How Strains Evolved Over The Years

Marijuana is believed to have originated in Asia, approximately 10,000 years ago. The modern civilization found it in Pakistan’s Hindu Kush mountains region. Tropical countries along the equator also have traces of the earliest cannabis species. Over several thousand years, Sativa and Indica (popular varieties) adapted to vastly different environmental conditions.

These and other climatic factors created a colourful blend of unique marijuana varieties. Factors to which this can be attributed to includes;

  • Hybridization effects
  • Type of soil
  • Light angle
  • Duration of photoperiod
  • Harvesting time
  • Distance from the light source to the plant

Beginners Guide To Marijuana Strains

Types of Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains are categorized as pure and hybrid. Pure

Pure strains comprise of:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Ruderalis

Besides pure cannabis varieties, scientists are continuously exploring new hybrids which create certain desired effects.

1. Cannabis Indica

indica weed strain

Originating from Afghanistan and Pakistan, Indica is also found in Morocco and other subcontinent territories. These plants have wide leaves and grow to a maximum of 6 feet. Each plant typically yields 1.5-2.5 ounces.

THC Levels
THC levels in this strain are considerably lower than in Sativa, giving a longer-lasting high. Most cannabis growers prefer to grow Indica strains due to its short height and calming effects.

After planting the seeds, this strain will flower in a brief (8 to 12 weeks). Depending on the grower’s preferences, various aromas and flavours such as sugar, earth, pine, sweet, hash, and skunk are produced.

Higher CBD Levels

Pure indica will undoubtedly give you ‘body high’ – a body buzz like no other cannabis strain would.

Benefits and Effects

Far from recreational use, it serves as a remedy for strong muscle and body pain. Other common application include;

  • Managing fibromyalgia
  • Inducing appetite
  • Taming nausea
  • Alleviating anxiety and chronic pain
  • Healing sleep apnea
  • Stopping muscular spasms
  • Halting lupus and many more ailments

The Northern Lights and Kush Indica strains marry both recreational and medicinal use in an excellent way. For recreational users, growers over the past 30 years had to significantly reduce CBD levels to 1%.

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More so, the need for medicinal use has increased considerably. There are ongoing efforts to produce more indica strains rich in CBD.

2. Cannabis Sativa

sativa weed strain

Loved for its ability to produce exhilarating cerebral effects, leaving users feeling absolutely energized. Consumers experience a unique level of creative thinking and human analysis. Since its discovery, it has been widely used by musicians, artists, and writers for inspiration.

When fully grown, sativa plants can reach an incredible height of 20 ft 2 inches. Their long and narrow leaves are well distributed for aeration and can be used for a myriad of other purposes. Cumulatively, the flowering and growing periods lasts 6 months.

This extended growing period results in enormously higher yields when compared to the indica strain. Due to the unique growth pattern, Sativa plants are grown outdoors. However, they can be interbred with other indica cousins to lower the flowering time and height.

Stimulating and energizing effects coming off cannabis sativa are known to introduce uncontrollable laughter, which is definitely good for your health. Consumers suddenly relish the simple moments in life, seeing themselves in a new and engaging perspective.

Movies and music all sound and seem excitingly different, creating a completely immersive feeling. This vibrancy is also useful for individuals who experience frequent anxiety.

Cannabis Sativa Use

Beyond initiating psychoactive characteristics, it a great source for a variety of CBD oils. The seeds are filled with hemp oil which when extracted can be used for cooking and ointment.

The strain’s stalk is made of strong fiber, suitable for making clothes, construction materials, paper, and much more.

Medicinal and Health Benefits

strain for medical purpose

Since the 1970s, it has been used to cure glaucoma, seizures, and epilepsy.

Arab scientists have been leading the pack in discovering the curative powers of this strain. Chronic and acute diseases are no match for the immense power of its oil.

Differences Between Cannabis Sativa and Indica

sativa vs indica

Whether for recreational or medical use, the difference between indica and sativa strains is crucial in achieving the desired benefits.

Cannabis Indica is recommended for night use due to its calming effects. The entire body experienced a rare level of calmness.

Starkly different in composition, Cannabis Sativa is great when used during the day as it leaves one feeling energized and highly motivated. The THC level in the sativa strain is significantly higher than in Indica. And has a lower CBD.

Unlike Indica which increases the amount of dopamine released in the body, Sativa leads to a higher serotonin production – this neurotransmitter regulates appetite, sleep, learning, anxiety, and mood.


indica vs sativa


3. Cannabis Ruderalis

Arguably the least known among the pure cannabis strains, it is not quite clear whether it qualifies as a subspecies or species; botanists are yet to agree. However, most believe it to be a descendant of Cannabis Indica, given its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

While it was previously viewed as a wild breed, it is now grown indoors and provides a range of ailment relief. This stalky and short plant grows to a maximum of 2.5 ft but harvesting starts even at 1 ft.

The wide leaflets have a light-green hue, with the relatively small buds being quite chunky.

Modern Crossbreeding/Uses

Due to its wild and weedy traits, ruderalis is a perfect strain for many cannabis hybrids. Even when grown outdoors, it shows traits of being hardy and pest resistant.

Having higher CBD levels than THC, this strain is easier to crossbreed with other indica varieties for medical use. When bred with sativa, it drastically lowers the maturation period without reducing the yield.

With this strain, the risk of frost damage is low, thanks to early flowering.

It acts as a middle ground between sativa and indica, benefitting the body and mind in innumerable ways.

Uses for Cannabis Ruderalis

Growers and breeders find ruderalis invaluable and a core ingredient for their success. It has the ability to crossbreed with all other strains helping to create the effects required by users and patients.

Through this strain, auto-flowering seeds are now growing in popularity and increasing the annual yields. It does not conform to any particular light cycle, meaning it can grow across all regions.

This strain can be used for alleviating specific medical conditions where modern medicine consistently fails.

Hybrid Marijuana Strains


hybrid strain

Mixed strains of marijuana bring about the best possible experience by targeting preferred outcomes before growth. In the market, there are currently 1000+ hybrids with more being designed every day.

For treatment prospects, these specialized strains tame many disorders such as inflammation, depression, and insomnia, just to name a few.

The most outstanding among the hybrid strains are;

Purple Arrow

Majorly composed of 85% indica, the CBD levels are uniquely high. Between 13% and 20%. There are still considerable sativa effects like euphoria, all perfectly balanced to complement each other.

Upon consumption, users experience almost instantaneous pain relief and being uplifted. Besides feeling unusually happy, the general mood is improved and a chilled-out sensation ensues. This mellow feeling is especially useful for patients with terminal and chronic ailments.

It alleviates conditions such as extreme nausea, fatigue, chronic pains, and inflammation.

Chiquita Banana

Chiquita Banana strain

This is the perfect example of a truly 50/50 hybrid, consistently ranking among the strongest strains around the globe. With an amazing 33% THC level, it will literally get you super high.

OG Kush and Banana strains are the main constituents.

When using it, individuals hardly notice its strength until well after it has settled. Once it grips, the euphoria cannot be likened to that of any other hybrid strain. Most times, users will end up giggling uncontrollably.

Recreational users or patients who need relief from cramps, chronic pains, and other similar conditions will be pleased with the instant relief. this strain gives. Although it has a citrus aroma, it gives off a banana taste.


With a predominantly 75% indica composition, the strain’s 18% CBD concentration and 1% THC give off a mellowing experience for those suffering from anxiety. Special breeding was focused on attaining higher CBD without generating sedative and psychoactive effects.

This strain offers users a slow-burning high, lasting longer and giving off the best effects. True to its name, remedy takes care of multiple conditions such as ADHD, tinnitus, muscle spasms, and all other forms of chronic pains.

Remedy accomplishes all this without leaving users feeling exhausted and lacking in energy. The side effects associated with painkillers are non-existent in remedy. It is also an excellent choice for a myriad of other ailments.


Across the globe, this remains among the most popular cannabis strains with a lasting relaxation effect. Sativa and Indica concentrate appear in a 50/50 split composition, balancing psychoactive and mellow effects.

As an excellent anti-anxiety solution, cannatonic is instrumental in halting many illnesses.

While not particularly the best strain to get you high, the entire body experiences unprecedented calmness and relaxation.

Uplifting cerebral effects are useful in spurring creativity and making users view life from a different angle. This blend of MK Ultra and G-13 Haze is useful in managing arthritis and hyperactivity conditions.

It should ideally be used early in the morning and late at night, with the effects lasting all the while.

Strawberry Banana

Available in markets since 2017, this hybrid strain is composed of 70% Indica. It has a fruity and sweet aroma, with a uniquely high THC level of 28%. This delicious smell is accompanied by a gorgeous strawberry taste, generating a euphoric body buzz.

The admirable potency sees its effects last for hours on edge, making it worth your while. Starting off relatively mild, it eventually builds up to an intense sensation. The feeling of energy and euphoria is predominant and remains consistent all through.

Until this high wears off, users rarely feel like leaving their comfort zones or engaging in strenuous activities. Amongst other conditions, this strain will alleviate Crohn’s Disease, debilitating pain, and arthritis.

Want some creative inspiration? Then this is your go-to strain. Musicians and artists use it for inspiration.

Purple Kush

purple kush

This 100% pure indica strain is undoubtedly the most powerful, with the longest lasting effects. On average, THC levels are 22% and higher, often surpassing what popular hybrids offer you.

Once users ingest or smoke this strain of weed, the euphoric feeling sets in right away. It is also described as being slightly introspective but completely pain-free. A warm and numbing effect ensues throughout the body, leaving the users feeling sedated.

The potent effects associated with this strain make it suitable for those experiencing the most severe pains. It is thus invaluable in curing nerve damage, muscle spasms, and a wide array of chronic illnesses.

Besides feeling happy, the strain also gives a feeling or relaxation and increased appetite. It effectively relieves PTSD, migraines and bipolar disorders.


Here you go, your “Beginners Guide To Marijuana Strains”. I hope by now, you should know what strain is best for you. So whether you plan to see a stoner movie or listen to a music, you know what strain to use for each purpose. 

For beginners, it is recommended to start off with the pure marijuana strains before trying the hybrids.  Apparently, there is so much to learn about marijuana strains (use, benefits etc) and how best to get the most out of them.



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