Aspen Canyon Ranch Weed Resort — Bud And Breakfast

Aspen Canyon Ranch — Bud And Breakfast

Seeing that cannabis is becoming ever more popular, there are many establishments that are opening their doors to cannabis users. Aspen Canyon Ranch is one of those hotels (weed resort) that allow you to enjoy the great outdoors while getting baked in the process (having your bud and breakfast).

But why dish out hundreds of dollars per night to smoke up in Aspen weed resort?

For starters, because it’s amazing!

Aspen Canyon Ranch weed resort

aspen canyon ranch

The entire place looks like it was ripped out right from the pages of a storybook. With lush mountain surroundings and forest galore, it’s a place where you can enjoy yourself both in summer and winter.

While the place isn’t exclusively a cannabis lodging, it does accommodate stoners. They have 420 packages in some of their awesome cabins on the cliff or by the river and while it is on the pricier side of life, it’s definitely worth it to invest in an experience of this kind.

Imagine, waking up in the morning and breaking the fresh air. You walk over to the kitchen and boil yourself up some water, make some coffee and roll a joint. Then, sitting on the porch, overlooking the majestic world in front of you, you spark up.

This is R&R to the MAX! It’s the Stoner’s Delight!

However, it’s not just for chilling. You can go ATVing, you can go on Rapids or simply go for a long hike or go on horseback. More importantly, you can do all of this stoned! The mere fact that Aspen Canyon Ranch opened its doors to stoners, allowing them to bake up, deserves a price if you ask me!

A pricey weed resort 

aspen canyon ranch

Most of us, we’d much rather spend our hard earned dollars on some good ol’ bud. However, for those of you with deep pockets, dishing out the $200 (average) per night might seem like a steal. Just remember, you’d still have to supply your own cannabis as this is not included in the services.

Of course, considering that you’re in Colorado, it shouldn’t be too difficult to track down someone with a great bud.

Nonetheless, the $200 is just for the stay and meals. You’d still have to pay for other activities such as fishing, horseback riding, massages and so forth. This means that realistically you’d need about $400 a day to have a blast.

Considering that a 3-day vacation would set you back about $1200, not including airplane ticket or transportation from the Aspen Canyon Ranch and the airport, you could be looking at closer to $2000 USD for a weekend trip.

That my friends make it not accessible for most stoners. However, for those who can afford it…is it worth it?

Bud and breakfast – Is it worth it?

weed resort

If you have the money to burn and need some time to completely unplug from society, then definitely YES. The $2000 is an investment for an experience that will stick with you well into your old age. For those who are barely making it, the $2000 might be better spent on weed.

That’s almost a year’s worth of weed for the average stoner. Nonetheless, it definitely a place to visit if you are a marijuana enthusiast.

Wrap up

If you plan on visiting aspen canyon ranch anytime soon, please be sure to drop by this post and leave us a message, images etc. We would appreciate that a lot.

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