Afghan Kush Strain — Origin, Composition, Use, Type of High

Afghan Kush Strain

It is also called Afghan OG, the afghan kush strain originated from a family of Cannabis indica in Afghanistan, Pakistan India, and China. It is one of the strongest Cannabis strains in the market. The trace of its origin dates back to Hindu Kush Mountain around the Afghanistan Pakistan border where most of the cannabis Indica strains originate from.


Good For —  Anxiety, Insomnia, Appetite, Chronic Pain, Migraines 
Effects — Body High, Euphoria, Dizziness , Nausea, Relaxing, Hungry 


Indica Species

Being one of the mythical cannabis in relation to time, it is known to be the parent of many Indica species.  Its genotype has been worked on overtime to get improved breeds. Sensi seeds firm in the Netherlands and White Level Company are behind the creation of this seed and its distribution.

It’s well known for various medicinal values which could explain why there is a lot of pharmaceutical interest in them. Natives believe that it is the most ancient cannabis strain.

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The natives that exist between China and Afghanistan associate this strain with many uses among them being medicinal values. This strain was among those that were cultivated legally by the GW pharmaceutical to extract their medicinal properties.


It is Considered 100% indica. It is a landrace indica that mythically dates back thousands of years.  

The Afghan Kush strain can be easily grown and is very resistant to diseases that affect crops. It has deep green leaves covered with sticky resins.

CBD : 6% |  THC: 21%

A Strong Strain

Among the “Cannabis strain family” that originated from the Hindu Kush Mountain, Afghan Kush strain is the strongest. Cultivation of this crop has been notably in more massive quantities in Kandahar region and areas of Kunar River as a result of Hashish production. In some places, it’s grown extensively as a wild plant.


Its yield is about 400 to 600 per square meter.


Being almost 100% Indica, this strain heavily impacts the body as opposed to mind. It comes in different flavours i.e herbal, sweet and woody. It has an earthy, spicy and sweet aroma.

Positive Effects

  • Leads to a relaxed mood and peace of mind.
  • Reduces pain and body exhaustion.
  • Helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Negative Effects

  • It may cause a dryness in the mouth
  • High consumption may lead to dry eyes
  • It may cause occasional paranoia for consistent users.
  • Since it is purely indica, it induces dizziness.
  • It may cause a headache when used consistently.
  • Euphoria

 An overdose of the afghan kush strain will lead to an overwhelming feeling of lethargy that will make body movement such a hustle. 


Medical Use of Afghan Kush strain

It is used to relieve chronic pain.

It can be used as a treatment for people suffering from insomnia since it relaxes the body into sleep.

Contains anti-anxiety treating agent, thus, it can relax the nerves.

Used to treat Nausea irrespective of the cause.

Helps to improve appetite.


This is so far a basic information about the Afghan kush strain. They are pretty much popular so you won’t have a hard time finding them in any marijuana dispensary.

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