7 Must Have Grow Equipments For Cannabis — From Grow Tents To Soil

7 Must Have Grow Equipments For Cannabis

When growing marijuana, your choice of equipment could be the difference between getting the best results or obtaining something totally unpalatable.

So that your efforts get rewarded at the end of the day, we have researched the most important equipment and tools to have in order to grow cannabis (indoors or outdoors) successfully — though this is more specific to indoor than outdoor grow.

Enumerated below are the (seven) 7 must have grow equipments for cannabis if you want to harvest good buds.

1. Grow Tent

cannabis grow tent

Some people prefer to use liners inside the growing room rather than a tent. No matter which one you choose, make sure it is reflective enough — this will ensure your growing light’s output is not just all over the place but maximized so well that it is much more efficient for the plants.

2. Grow Light

grow lights for cannabis

Growing your cannabis indoors means your plants will be missing out on one thing – access to the sun. Essentially, what a grow light or electric lamp does is to simulate sunlight for photosynthesis on the plants — acting like an artificial source of light purposely to stimulate growth in cannabis or any other plant.

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Before you choose a light, you will have to check the dimensions of the growing area, how much you are willing to spend and power limitations. After considering all these, you will be able to make any and all of HPS, CHM, LED and DE lights work just well for your growing needs.

3. Carbon Filter


When the plants start to flower, they begin to give off a pungent smell often associated with the cannabis plant. Unless you are growing in an isolated region, however, this smell typically bothers non-marijuana users, especially if they are your neighbours. Thus, you will need a good carbon filter to contain this musky, terpenes-rich smell. As a rule, don’t invest in cheap carbon filters – they’ll give up on you along the way.

4. Fans

fans for growing cannabis

A good circulating fan will simulate the gentle summer breeze on the ‘skin’ of your marijuana leaves. It is better to get multiple fans with adjustable speed settings so you can vary the airflow and adjust the reach of air to each and every plant in the grow.

You will likewise need an extraction fan to remove the heat from the room and pump some CO2 (from the fresh air) that your greens need for proper respiration. If you are growing in a sealed room, you won’t need to get an extraction fan.

5. Ducting

ducting for growing cannabis

Not many people talk about this aspect of the grow even though it is very important to the process.

A good ducting process will improve your ventilation system by preventing the hot air from getting to your growing plants. Ensure the size of the ducting to use should be proportional to the size of your plants for optimum results.

6. Beds and/ or Pots

beds or pot for growing marijuana

Of course, you will need to grow your seeds somewhere. That is why we need to consider the purchase of pots and beds too.

The choice of pots to use will be dependent on the grower and the spread of the plant. You will usually be able to explore options from as small as a flower vase to as large as proper plant pots.

Planter beds also make for good breeding areas.

It is recommended that you grow in large enough containers that will allow the plants to spread their roots. They will thrive better and yield better strains for it too.

7. Soil

This might look like a no-brainer but the type of soil you grow the cannabis is as important as any other thing on this list.

There are a lot of merchants out there who will promise you the best results with synthetic soil options and other artificial grow mediums. To be candid, you don’t need all of those. Natural, organic soil is all you should get and you’ll be good to go.

Closing thoughts

If you are yet to make up your mind about what equipments you need for growing cannabis, these are the  7 must have grow equipments for cannabis. Of course, there are other accessories you may add to the list i.e. fertilizers, shears, scissors, snips, pesticides, trowel etc. However, these are the most important pieces of equipment for growing cannabis.


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