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19 Weed Myths

It doesn’t matter whether or not you smoke weed. You must have heard a weed myth or two in your lifetime. Some of these myths you might have even held to be a fact. With that being said, we will uncover 19 most common weed myths in this article.

1. Weed Kills Brain Cells And Makes You Forgetful

As kids, we often hear our parents, guardians or teacher say,  “smoking weed kills the brain cells”. Many of us grew up believing it. While marijuana affects a person’s short-term memory when high, however, it does not affect any of the old information stored in your brain. You are able to recall memories once the effects of marijuana wear off.

2. Weed Can Cure Your  Stress, Anxiety, And Depression

It is true that smoking or consuming weed can make you feel calmer and even ‘numb’. You may also feel happy as a result of the “high”. But cannabis is not a permanent cure for stress, anxiety or depression as the effects of the ‘high’ will wear off eventually.  And it’s only a matter of time before you are back to feeling how you were before the high. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, you should consult a medical professional.

3. People Who Smoke Weed Are Lazy Hippies

Often times, people who openly smoke weed or admit to consuming it are judged by those around them. Reason being that, in some communities, the term ‘stoner’ has a negative connotation, not because of all the individuals who identifies themselves as stoners, but because of one specific person that fits this description or because of the way stoners are negatively portrayed in the media.

It is important to note that several successful people such as former president Barack Obama, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Jobs and Morgan Freeman have admitted to consuming marijuana at least once in their lifetime — Do they look like lazy hippies?

4. Eating Raw Weed Can Make You High

Eating raw weed does not make you high. This is because chewing weed does not release the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that makes you high. To do this, the weed has to be heated or combined with a fatty substance such as butter which will  then cause the THC to be released.

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5. Weed Is An Aphrodisiac

Weed has been given a pretty bad reputation by many who have been in situations where their inhibitions have been reduced by weed consumption (along with drugs and alcohol) and they end up placing the blame on the weed. Although many people can attest to and claim having sex while high is much better than having sex while being drunk or even while sober.

Weed, however, does not cause sexual arousal. As a matter of fact, it may lead to a higher risk of erectile dysfunction according to a 2011 study —As many of the nerve endings that are related to sexual arousal are ‘numbed’ by weed intake. So Yes, you might have some trouble having an erection.  That being said, CBD oil may is said to increase sexual performance in both men and women

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Please note: This does not mean weed is a method of contraception and cannot prevent sexually transmitted disease(STDs)

6. If You Smoke Weed Once You Will Get Addicted

Unfortunately, marijuana is considered a bad drug. This explains the social stigma attached to its users.  Marijuana, like any other substance (coffee, tobacco, food etc), can be highly addictive and abused. Though cannabis dependency does exist in some cases, it is not as common as the number of alcohol, cocaine, tobacco, LSD and other drugs people are addicted to. 

7. Weed Causes Cancer

Smoking of any kind can be very dangerous and can lead to having any type of cancer. Especially, mouth and lung cancer. However, this is more true for tobacco than it is for weed. Indeed cannabis has been used by medical professionals all over to world to alleviate the cancer symptoms of their patients including pain and nausea. However, It is important to note that smoking is not the only way of consuming weed. There are other safer alternatives such as baked goods, candies, vaping and even weed tea.

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8. Weed Is A Gateway Drug

Many people believe that smoking or consuming weed will gradually lead to consuming more “hard drugs” such as cocaine, heroin etc. The truth is, it is not everyone that consume weed have interest in other drugs. Interestingly, people who are addicted to hard drugs such as cocaine and meth have used marijuana to overcome their substance abuse issues.

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9. Marijuana Is Stored In Your Fat And Lasts For Weeks

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana is stored in the fat when consumed. As a result, even a day or two after the use of marijuana, it can still be detected in your system. But it is not true that it stays there for weeks except you are a chronic user. You can find more information here.

10. Weed Instigates Criminal Acts

Believe it or not, some people believe that smoking weed causes people to be aggressive, violent and engage in criminal activities. This is not true. Typically, cannabis causes a sedative effect,  which makes it less likely to trigger a violent behaviour. 

violent behaviour

11. Weed Is A Performance-Enhancement Drug (For Athletes)

Unfortunately, weed does not make you run faster, jump higher or increase your stamina. It actually can decrease your reaction time, impairs cognition, psychomotor and exercise performance according to this study.

 12. You Can’t Get High On Edible Marijuana

Some people believe that in order to get the “best high” you have to smoke weed. This is not true. Some edibles have more THC than spliffs or blunt. Even though eating edibles don’t work as fast as smoking, they can give you a much stronger “couch locking” body high that can last as long as 7 hours.  This is because, with edibles, a much larger fraction of Delta-9-THC enters the liver  — where it gets converted to 11-hydroxy-THC


13. You Can Overdose On Weed And Die

Though weed overdoses are common and cause temporary symptoms of paranoia, dizziness, anxiety, and agitation. However, it is highly unlikely that you will consume enough weed in one sitting that will cause your heart to stop. According to a 1988 petition, someone would need to consume over 15000 pounds of marijuana within 15 minutes for it to be lethal.

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14. All Weed Is The Same

People who are not too familiar with weed tend to believe that weeds are the same, but there are many different strains of cannabis. i.e. Sensimilla or Charlotte’s Web.

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15. You Can’t Get High The First Time You Smoke Weed

This sounds similar to “you can’t get pregnant from your first sex myth”. Similarly, some believe that you can’t get high the first time you smoke weed. I know someone who after his first weed jumped into a swimming pool for no reason. That was his first time to smoke weed. True, people may react differently to weed. 

16. The Munchies Are Fake

weed munches

The increased hunger that is experienced after consuming weed, or the ‘munchies’ as they are commonly referred to, are an exaggerated symptom of marijuana use. However, it has been scientifically proven that weed stimulates the part of the brain that controls hunger (the hypothalamus) as a result, increases or induces feelings of hunger. Below is a video that explains this phenomenon. 

17. Weed Is Weaker Nowadays

There are those who believe that the weed we have today is not as strong as the weed back in the days. On the contrary, the advances in biology and the genetic modification of cannabis, as result to the development of many new strains. Some of which are actually higher in THC than those of the past.

18. Marijuana Is Completely Harmless

On one hand, there are many people who are against marijuana for both recreational and medical use. On the other hand, there is a large community of marijuana supporters and enthusiasts who go around telling people that marijuana is completely harmless. True, the Cannabis plant itself is harmless unless abused.  Furthermore, you will put yourself in harm’s way if you smoke weed and drive.

19. You Can Cheat Drug Tests By Detoxing

Because marijuana can be detected in the urine, many try to find ways to cheat drug tests. Some believe that detoxing will remove all traces of marijuana from the system, making your pee ‘clean’  — resulting in a negative-dilute during a drug test. This is a myth. The only way to actually beat the drug test would be using someone else’s urine.

We have only uncovered 19 weed myths, but there are many more out there that have even the smartest of us believing them to be true. 

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