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22 Commonly Asked Questions About Vaping Weed

Amongst the different ways used to consume cannabis, vaping seems to be the preferred choice for many marijuana users (recreational or medical) and is growing by leaps and bounds every single day probably due to the fact that it is healthier compared to other means used to smoke and consume weed.

Even though vaping is on the rise, it is a relatively new idea introduced into the market.

Since vaping is a relatively new technique, there is usually some uncertainty around the subject of using vapes.

Well, the good news, we have taken it upon ourselves to scour the web for frequently asked questions about vaping weed and we took a step further to provided detailed answers to these questions herewith.

In this piece, you will be treated to a total of 22 commonly asked questions on the subject of vaping weed.

If you need a more elaborate answer to any of the questions below, let us know in the comment section. …

How does vaping weed work?

The concept of vaping is based on the heating up of substances (weed, coconut oil, herbs, Glycerine, Tinctures, Pure concentrates, Essential Oils etc. ) and then releasing the vapor from the process. From that, users get to derive the effects they would have sought from smoking instead.

The substance to be vaped (weed, in this case) will be mixed with an e-liquid before being put into the e-cigarette. Called ‘e-cigs’ for short, which will then heat the substance in the fluid to the point whereby it releases the active ingredients in form of vapor. Of course, that is based on the simple principle of vaporization, hence the name of the process.


Why You Should Consider Vaping

Vaping is by far better than other methods used in consuming weed (smoking, dabbing or taking them in the form of edibles).

If you are used to the conventional method of smoking weed  now is the time to let go and embrace the new revolutionized method of consuming weed — vaping. You may ask why?

These are the reasons why :


Burning the weed can lead to the release of harmful toxins, some of which are carcinogenic in nature.

When you vaporize, you don’t need to burn the weed – meaning the toxins are not released.

Generally, vaping weed is less likely to cause lung cancer since you won’t be exposed to all those nasty chemicals that come with burning the weed.


Remember how we mentioned earlier that you need an e-liquid for your weed before vaporizing? The good news is; the e-liquids come in a variety of flavors to enhance the weed vaping experience.


If the biggest win vaping has over smoking is “health reasons”, the next best thing would be the convenience that comes with it.

Did you know that vaping is usually accepted in most areas where smoking would not be tolerated? Meaning you can vape weed on the go without having to care about  “designated areas for smoking”.

More on convenience, unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t leave a smell. Thus, you can consume your weed discreetly without having to douse yourself in a bottle of perfume just to mask the weed smell.


Did you know that vaping comes with no residue? Thinking about it, you are only taking in the vapor (from which the active ingredients are absorbed into your bloodstream). The emissions are thus safe for not only you but the bystanders too.

The design of most vape pens are portable, slender, sleek and convenient. Some portable vaporizers are designed as asthma inhalers. You can carry either a vape pen or portable vaporizers with you anywhere you go without drawing attention to yourself.

differences between a vape pen and a portable vaporizer

Now that you know how vaping work and reasons why you should vape your weed, how about we get started with the business of the day? Without further ado…

1. How do I vaporize my weed?

Grind the marijuana into a fine powder. Measure out the finely ground cannabis and pack it into the filling chamber of your e-cig (with the e-juice). Make sure the chambers are fastened together by the aid of its screws, then turn on the vaporizer.

For the ideal temperatures, make sure you check the instructions that come with the vaporizer itself.

When the temperature on the vaporizer has reached the point of vaporization, start inhaling the vapor slowly. For the best effects, you should not inhale largely to the extent that you have to puff the excess vapor. Rather, you should inhale the content slowly and breathe it as you would with ordinary air.

If you are making use of Volcano, attach the balloon to the mouthpiece area of your vaping pen. Wait for the hot air to move slowly into the balloon. This will be evident from the growth of the balloon size.

When it has reached a considerable size, detach the balloon and inhale the contents.

Repeat the process until you have conveniently vaped the amount of weed you are comfortable with. For stronger weed strains, it is important to vape slowly while observing the effects.

We have included the video below for those who like visual presentation.



2. How can I use an RDA to vaporize my weed?

We do not recommend this for safety reasons. However, if learning new things and going the trial-and-error way is something you can live with, you can definitely check out what Rebuildable Building Atomizer  RDAs can do for you.

In theory, what you have to do is put a wick through your coil and make it saturated with the e-juice you plan to use.

The points where the coil is inserted contains positive and negative connections for the passage of electric charges, leading to the heating effect that then vaporizes the juice.

To rid yourself of all that stress, either get a standardized vaping machine or try other DIY options. Check our question #5 for detailed instructions on this.



3. How can I vaporize my moon rocks weed?

If you have come across moon rocks weed, you must have observed that smokers usually have a better report of the strain than vapers. That is solely because the strain is a little bit complex to handle and also, vape.

With that being said, this is what you need to do in other to vape moon rock successfully;

  • Cut off a reasonable chunk of the moon rock and load into a triangle tooth grinder where you break it up into smaller sizes but never fully grind it
  • Load the barely-ground content into a vaping machine
  • Start the vaping machine and set it to the desired temperature
  • Inhale the vapor a few times until you notice the flavor has started dropping off
  • Pour out the load into a finer grinder and proceed to grind again
  • Load into your vaping device once more and turn it on
  • Keep inhaling the vapor until the session ends.



4. Is it possible to vaporize weed stems?

If you have ever smoked weed stems, it is no surprise why you are looking for answers to this question. Smoking these stems will usually leave a poor taste in your mouth and might even give you a slight headache.

The worst part of it all is that you don’t even get the high you desire. The good news is that the story is a little different from vaping.

In fact, you can get a moderate buzz and slight high when you vape weed stems. The stems don’t have anything close to the taste and smell of the actual buds, but they are not half as bad as what you would get from smoking.

Next time you run out of weed and your dealer is not reachable, you can have a little bit of fun with those stems lying around.

For your information, the whole marijuana plant has health benefits. So don’t fret!

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weed stems

5. How can I vaporize weed without a vaporizer?

Vaporizers are an alternative to smoking the weed. But, what if vaporizers are too expensive or far away from your reach? Well, we have good news – you don’t necessarily need to have a vaping machine to vape your weed. In fact, there are two DIY models you can use to vaporize your weed. They are given as follows:

The Heat Gun Method

Materials needed:

Heat gun, paper towels, toilet paper tubes, aluminum foil, tea ball, twist ties, funnel and oven bag.


Step 1

Take the toilet paper tubes and line their insides with aluminum foil material. If you are finding this step challenging, you could roll the foil around a stick first and then unroll it when inside the toilet paper tube.

Step 2

Put a funnel into one end of the open paper tube that has been lined with aluminum foil and fasten the base of the funnel to the top of the paper tube with more aluminum foil. You want to do this while keeping the funnel pointed outwards. When securing with the foil , ensure you make an airtight connection around that junction.

Step 3

Proceed to wear an oven bag over the funnel mouth until it gets to the neck of the funnel-paper tube connection. Secure this paper bag to that area with your twist ties. Once again, ensure the connection is as air-tight as much as possible.

The aim of the bag is to collect the vapor as you heat the weed, making it suitable for holding the vapor long enough to be passed around.

Step 4

Afterward, grind the weed you want to consume and put the grains inside your tea ball. Place this tea ball at the other open end of the paper tube.

Step 5

Finally, use your heat gun to close up the space left open by the other end of the paper tube.

Set uprightly, the tea ball will be inside the paper tube which is now blocked at the open end by the heat gun.

It is recommended that the heat gun you get be one that can heat up content to a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius. If that condition is satisfied, turn on the heat gun and get your makeshift vaping machine going.

The heat gun at the bottom will do all of the heating and the vapor will start to rise to the top. We advise that you tie the top of the oven bag too so that this vapor can be collected within the bag. As soon as the bag inflates to its maximum capacity, open it and inhale. Repeat this process until you are satisfied.

A common concern people might have with this method is the use of aluminum foils on the inside of the paper tube. Due to the possible contributions of the aluminum element of Alzheimer’s disease, such concerns are not unfounded. However, you will not be inhaling any of the aluminum since it is not being burned in the process.

Should you feel uncomfortable with this method though, there is yet another one for you to check out below

Vaping out of a Box

Materials Needed:

Small tea candle, a small metal tray, small box, glass vessel, small rubber tube/ flexible straw


Step 1

This is one of the easiest DIY, and it doesn’t necessarily require you purchasing anything. The first thing you will want to do is light up the candle and place it in the middle of the small box. Take precautions when doing this to prevent starting a fire.

Step 2

Next, Place the metal tray over the box. Ensure the tray is wide enough that it can rest on all sides of the box. Likewise, you will want to keep the flame low so that the tray doesn’t get scorched badly from the underside. Place the weed you plan to vape inside the small metal tray and put a glass lid over it.

The glass should be transparent enough to allow you to see the vape in action. Also, it should big enough to cover the entire tin tray and should rest comfortably on the edges of your small box.

Step 3

Slide in your rubber tube/ bendy straw.

Start vaping as the vapor fills up the glass.

Making a box vaporizer – wikihow

6. How much weed should I vape at once?

There are so many different vaporizers to choose from. Some come with the capacity to take as much as 2 grams (or more) of weed. However, you should not be using all of that space. It is not even ideal to use up to half of that space at once.

For a solo session, we advise starting with about 0.1 – 0.2 grams of the finely-ground weed and see where that takes you. In as much as that won’t produce as much vapor as opposed to bigger quantities, you will still be getting the same type of high.

For a group session though, you could crank things up to about 0.5 grams to make sure the sweetness goes around for long.

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7. Can I vaporize my weed on a bong?

Yes, you can. Many bong lovers had to leave their bongs and go the way of vapes for a very obvious reason – while bongs will only extract about 50% of the active ingredients in the weed, vaporizers can get as much as 90% at one time. However, the bong lovers sure miss their piece of apparatus.

That being said, you can use your vaporizer via a bong too. When selecting a vaporizer, ensure to look for those that come with bong attachments from the manufacturer. They will also come with instructions on how to use them with your bong.

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8. How can I vape weed without the smell?

One of the main reasons why marijuana users prefer vaping weed to smoking is the fact vaporizers do not leave behind weed smell. While vaping will still produce the smell of weed when you puff, it certainly doesn’t linger around like that of smoking.

If you vape weed in your car or house. It would be nearly impossible to perceive the weed smell couple of minutes later.

While the chances of the weed smelling on you is very low, you still need to take care of your breath you can get rid of the weed smell by drinking or eating after vaping.

9. How long should I vape my weed for?

There is no set duration allocated to vaping weed. Some vape their weed until blackens at which point it would have lost all the possible health and beneficial effects.  

It is advisable to stop vaping once the content starts to turn brown. In the extreme, a slight, dark-brown coloration may be tolerated. However, the rule is to never vape until the weed gets blackened.

10. What should I do before I start vaping?

To get the best out of your vaporizer or more aptly the best vaping experience. There are a couple of things you might want to take care of first. The degree at which you keep to the following instructions will mostly determine how much pleasure you will gain from your weed-vaping-session

Preheat the Vape

Your vape is much like your oven in the sense that it does not start to burn the content you put inside it immediately, rather it slowly heats it up. In the same way, you don’t stuff the entire roast into a cold oven, you will want to make sure the vape has reached its ideal temperature before you put in your weed.

While waiting for your vape to preheat, you can tick off the boxes below in the meantime

Use Dry Weed

We have already established that your vaping device does not use a flame to get the cannabinoids out. It will thus not be in your best interests to give the vape too much work to do in drying out the weed moisture.

Make sure the weed is dried to a good level before you load it into the chamber.

Use the Grinder

In other to ensure that your weed starts releasing all those cannabinoids you seek to derive from it, you will need to make sure a higher surface area of it is available to the heating process. What better way to do this than grinding?

You can grind your weed beforehand and let it breathe inside a small cupboard

before your vaping session. Let it sit for a day, so as to get rid of unneeded


Ensure tight packing

Newbies to vaping usually make the mistake of not packing their piece right. When you have measured out the ideal weight, you will want to make sure the chamber is nicely and tightly-packed.

It is recommended that you fill in the desired weed weight and then proceed to compress it. Be careful with compressions though. Not all vaping machines can withstand high pressures

11. What is the ideal voltage/ wattage to vaporize weed?

To be candid, this is one of those questions that do not have a single answer to them. The ideal voltage to set when vaping will be dependent on a variety of factors which are, but not limited to, your coils, the wick material, air flow settings, e-juice used, etc.

It is not even ideal to follow the wattage instructions that are printed on the vaping coils you are using. While they provide you a good guide, you will usually need to vape at voltages lesser than what they have suggested.

Start with a low wattage each time you are going into a session. Gradually increase the wattage at points to see how the changes match the desired effects. Once you get to the ‘desired effects,’ stop adjusting the voltage and simply enjoy the weed.

Speaking of starting low, about 6 or 7 watts will cut it just right.

12. How safe is it to use a heat gun to vaporize weed?

Heat guns can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Done right though, you can use them to vaporize weed. You should check out question #5 for more details about this.


13. How can I vaporize dry weed?

Dry weed vaporizers are available for the sole purpose of vaping your cannabis in its dry form. To get it done the right way though, follow the steps below

  • Make sure the herb you are to use is properly prepped for the process. As the name implies, only dry weed should be used for this procedure. Wet and crumbly leaves won’t do so well and shouldn’t be used.
  • Once you have chosen the right strain to use, proceed to grind it into fine materials. The aim of this procedure is to make available a larger surface area of the weed to the heating process. That allows you to get even more out of the same amount of weed
  • Ensure the vaporizer is clean and ready to be used. Cotton swabs are recommended for cleaning the insides of your portable vaporizer. Always strive to clean the vaporizer after each vaping session as they are usually easier to thoroughly clean out at those times.
  • Check to see if the vaporizer is fully charged before you start using it again. If not, get it to its full charge and continue below
  • The cover to the vaporizer inner chamber is usually found around the mouthpiece. Remove this and add your ground weed to the chamber. Try to fill the whole chamber while leaving just enough room for the proper flow of air in the compartments too.
  • Once the weed has been properly loaded, close the chamber cover and turn on the device
  • Most vaporizers come with temperature options while others have pre-set temperature ranges they attain. If yours is the former, you should know that the ideal vaping temperature for dry weed is between 360 – 430 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • For starters to vaping dry weed, make sure you start slow, increasing the temperature gradually according to your preferences.
  • When the device has heated up to the desired temperature, start inhaling from the mouthpiece. Don’t make the mistake of inhaling deeply and puffing out the vapor. Go gently – that’s the only way to enjoy your weed-vaping-session
  • Don’t set the temperature of the vaping pen to go beyond 430 degrees Fahrenheit. That will cause burning of the weed and destroy the entire basis of vaping it in the first place.

14. Is it possible to vape weed oil?

Yes, it is.

However, there’s a catch here.

There are many different cannabis oils (concentrates) to choose from and not all of them are meant to be consumed by vaping. Some are used topically while others have been modified for the sublingual application (i.e. placement of the oil under your tongue). You MUST NEVER try to vape any weed oil that was made for other forms of consumption i.e. Tinctures, pure concentrates and essential oils.


different types of concentrates


15. How can I vape weed oil?

If you have made sure your weed oil is one that can be vaped, watch the YouTube video below to get a better idea of vaping the oils and getting the most out of every session

16. How hot does weed need to be vaporized?

The ideal temperature for vaping your weed. If you didn’t know before now, the vaping temperature will determine what you will derive from the weed and vaping experience.

For example, vaping at too high temperature will lead to combustion of the weed content of the vaporizer and thus, defeat the purpose of your vaping device in the first place.

Likewise, you will be able to control which cannabinoids take precedence with the temperature you vape at. As a guide:

  • You should vape at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius (about 392 degrees Fahrenheit) if you want the effect of the weed to be on your body rather than your mind. This range will ensure the release of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, and CBC
  • If you are using marijuana for recreational purpose, Technically, THC will be released at temperatures below 200 degrees Celsius. You might want to keep your vaping device at 190 degrees Celsius or below for maximum cerebral high.

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17. How much work is required to vaporize weed?

If you look at the answers we provided in questions #1 and #13 above, you will notice that you don’t need any technical know-how to start vaporizing your weed. The setup is also something that can be achieved in relatively little time.

The only reason why you might spend quite some time in getting your vape on is when you have to create a makeshift vaporizer. To get that done, don’t forget to look at the information in question #5.

18. What kind of vaping devices can I use for my weed?

The vaping industry has grown so much that there are now different types of vapes to choose from. However, the growth of the market has not made it a hard place to navigate. In fact, you can always count on getting four distinct types of vaping machines should you choose to buy them. They are classified into the

  • Tabletop vaporizers
  • Dab rigs
  • Vape pens and
  • Dry herb atomizers

If you sample a good number of users and enthusiasts, you will usually find out that the tabletop vaporizers come out as the most recommended options. They have even considered the safest means of consuming marijuana discreetly.

Those are closely followed by the vape pens which are not deemed as safe but more concealable —  this comes into play when convenience and outdoor consumption of your weed as discreetly as possible becomes a concern.

Next, we have the slightly complex setup that is referred to as “dab rigs.” They look like they were made after the traditional bongs and often used to dab concentrates of marijuana.

Finally, we have the less popular option of dry herb vaporizers. The dry herb atomizer is made to look like a tank whose sole purpose is vaping. Its functionality is nested in its name as the atomizer stands for the part of a vaping machine that provides the needed substance for inhalation – the vapour.

19. In what states are weed vaporizers legal?

You should know that it is legal to buy, own and sell a vaping machine. There is no law to guide or impede the distribution of the vapes themselves but laws around the substances being vaped.

That being said, be sure to check with your state laws in this regard.

20. How old do I have to be to buy vaping machines?

In most parts of the US, you can buy a vaporizer for 19 years and above. This law also holds in Canada where you are also allowed to buy all the accessories that come with the machine by the time you attain age 19. However, some businesses and states (such as New York) could raise their requirements as high as the age of 21.

Before going out to make a purchase, do make sure you are in compliance with the local laws to ensure maximum compliance.

21. How do I clean my vaporizer?

We have maintained throughout the course of this piece that the ideal time to clean your vaporizer is immediately after use. Since it would still be warm from use, you run a lesser risk of getting particles stuck on the walls of different compartments in the vape.

Speaking of compartments, there are three main compartments you should consider cleaning after a vaping session. So, to clean your vaporizer, you will want to:

Clean the resin with isopropyl alcohol. The importance of this chemical is that it works well in the elimination of resins. It does so by being a largely suitable substance for dissolving ethyl cellulose, alkaloids, gums and different types of oils.

Simply take your pipe cleaner and dip it in the alcohol. Proceed to put the pipe cleaner on rags and Q-tips, using them to clean off the resin.
For glass pieces, you can soak them up in the alcohol and their resins will come washing off by themselves

Look at the screen of your vaporizer. This is the material that prevents the passage of weed particles into the vapor you are consuming, so we think it’s a very important section that you don’t want to be clogged.

Since resins will usually block the screen, you can clean this part with the isopropyl alcohol we suggested above too.
In case your screen is clogged beyond cleaning, it wouldn’t hurt to change it altogether so you can keep having the best vaping experience

Sprinkle some big pieces of sand or salt in the alcohol and use that mixture to clean the whip tubes. Done right, the whip tube will be back to its sparkling clean condition in no time.

When you are done cleaning, it is good practice to cut off both ends of the tube. Small chunks though, nothing excessive. By so doing, you will be ensuring the tube fits snugly into the mouthpiece and wand for the next use.

22. How can I change my e-juice without making a mess?

Changing vape juice is an art on its own, but it doesn’t have to be necessarily hard.  One thing to note before changing vape juices is that one size does not necessarily fit all i.e. what works for one type of vaping machine won’t usually function for another.

However, to keep the information consistent, we will recommend a general model which you can always use to change your e-juice on different vaping machines.

Rinsing the tank

Unscrew the different components of your vaporizer till you have separated the tank from the battery compartment and atomizer/ coil head.
Pour out all the old e-juice in there if you still have some left or proceed to the next step if you have none of it left.

Remove all residue and e-juice left on the wall of the tank by rinsing through with warm water a couple of times.
Depending on the material your vaping machine is made of, you can use small amounts of soap (diluted) to properly clean out the tank section.

Please consult with your manufacturer or user manual to ensure soaps don’t damage the system
Pat the cleaned tank with soft, dry cloth or a paper towel untill it is dry. Make sure the water droplets are all gone lest your juice be diluted when you put it in.

Rinsing the coils

This is especially necessary if you will be changing e-juice flavors. Since the last e-juice was vaporized on your coils, you won’t want the new one interfering with that and giving you a nasty taste to what you expected. Fortunately, rinsing the coils is something you can do right at home too.

Here’s how:

Use warm water to rinse the coils thoroughly or flush out the coils with small amounts of unflavored e-liquid.

Make sure the coil is properly dried off before you use it again.

We must state at this point that many people find the very act of cleaning their coils a herculean task. If you are one of such people, you can easily get away by buying new coils and outrightly changing them.

That leaves us with the question, “what should we use the old coil for”?. If you’d still like to keep them, get an air-tight bag and seal the coils off in there. You can then re-assemble your unit and start vaping again.



Now that we have taken care of the 22 commonly asked questions about vaping weed. We know there is a chance we left out something out.

Ask your questions in the comments and we will get back to you with a detailed answer.

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