12 Interesting Facts About Weed I Bet You Never Heard Of

12 Interesting Facts About Weed


Facts About Cannabis

You are probably bored with the political and business stories surrounding marijuana. Most especially the “legalize weed” debate. But what about the actual facts?

Weed Facts

Did you know that the state of Colorado has surpassed Amsterdam as the weed capital of the world after weed was legalized there?

Did you know that weed consumption triggers different responses in women than it does in men?

Did you know that 42% of people surveyed in the US have tried weed at least once in their lives and that legalizing weed did not cause its use among teens to rise?

These are only a few of the actual interesting facts about weed that we should all be aware of, and that would help the effort of legalizing it.

Main Focus

The overall message that the video is trying to convey is the fact that marijuana is a bit more popular than people might think, and that there are little to no negative repercussions if marijuana is legalized. In the vast majority of cases, people actually thrived, having a much safer alternative to alcohol, and governments have managed to generate billions of dollars in revenue.

Another thing to note from the video is the rise in popularity that marijuana is experiencing, with a slim but growing majority finally outnumbering the opposition.

While pot is safer than alcohol, it is still chemically identical to tobacco smoking. Meaning that heavy pot smokers are subject to the same risks and problems as heavy tobacco smokers. However, the good news is that these risks are purely from smoking, and there are a lot of different ways in which to consume pot.

Are there any facts that you are aware of and want us to know about? Leave us a comment, and share the video.


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