11 Thc Properties That Are Beneficial To The Human Body

11 Thc Properties That Are Beneficial To The Human Body

Tetrahydrocannabinol, most often called THC, is a compound found in the cannabis plants — It has become the most sought-after compound for recreational marijuana users due to its psychotropic effects. As a matter of fact,  increasing the THC levels is now an obsession for growers and cultivators.

Despite the fact that THC, when activated, is psychoactive (affects the mind). There are medical potentials (hidden in the compound) that are of great benefits to our health too. For example, THC has pain-relieving, appetite-enhancing, and anti-cancer properties, which brings us to our main topic “11 THC properties that are beneficial to the human body”.

1. Pain relief

Many cannabis users use the cannabis plant (THC) to help them fight severe and chronic pain. We all know how chronic pain is extremely difficult to alleviate. THC copes with it by stimulating the receptors (CB1 and CB2) that modulate pain which are part of the endocannabinoid system. How does THC help to relieve pain?



Marijuana also brings relief to patients suffering from migraines.

2. Treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder

One of the effects induced by THC is mild and short-lived memory impairment. In the opinion of many, this effect is acute, hence an issue. However, for people with PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, THC helps them to cope with memory problems. In one of the Israeli studies published in 2014, it was found that cannabis can also treat post-traumatic stress disorder alone.

3. Relief for nausea and vomiting

Almost all cancer patients experience nausea and vomiting. This is due to the body’s need to remove toxins that enter it during treatment. THC helps to suppress these unpleasant side effects, helping the body to deal with toxins, thereby significantly improving the quality of life in cancer patients.

4. Stimulating the appetite

Consumption of cannabis increases appetite. THC found in the blood reaching the digestive system causes stimulation of gastric bacteria activity. Therefore, cannabis acts as a natural stimulant of appetite. In some patients, this mechanism is the essence of the whole treatment process. This applies especially to people with gastrointestinal problems (i.e. Crohn’s disease) and those who have problems with taking medicines and who naturally need to stimulate the appetite.

5. Treatment of glaucoma

Studies conducted in the 1970s have shown that cannabis helps relieve most of the symptoms of glaucoma and other diseases associated with the optic nerve. It is based on the prevention of degeneration and subsequent death of cells, which occurs during the progression of the disease.

6. Insomnia

Many studies carried out around the world in laboratories dealing with sleep disorders have shown that cannabis affects better sleep quality. They are also helpful in treating any sleep-related problems including insomnia. It is believed that cannabis is more effective and safer than most of the hypnotic preparations available in pharmacies.

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7. Asthma

Studies have been carried out at universities in the United States that have shown that THC is helpful in asthma attacks. It widens the bronchi and facilitates the exercise of free breaths. THC particles have a soothing effect on sensitive areas in the throat responsible for attacks and lead to their arrest. Because smoking is not recommended for people suffering from asthma, the best method to alleviate its symptoms will be vaporization.

8. Modulation of common cardiovascular Diseases 

Studies show that THC may help reduce cardiovascular disease risk.

9. Cancer prevention

Brain Cancer

When THC is injected directly into the glioblastoma, the carcinoma inhibits cancer cell proliferation, thus, increasing the average expectancy of life by twenty-four weeks.

Breast Cancer

In a rat model, THC reduced the growth and the general number of blood vessels in the breast malignant growth.

10. Multiple sclerosis (MS)

When THC was administered orally to patients suffering from (MS), the symptoms significantly reduced. The pain and muscle stiffness reduced after a dose of THC (25 mg) over the course of fifteen weeks.

11. Prevention of seizures 

In a study conducted on mice, THC completely stopped episodes of epileptic seizures.


In as much as the fact that, THC contains properties that can induce symptoms of psychosis in healthy people, the same properties have therapeutic effects too from the explanations above.

I hope we did justice to the topic “11 THC properties that are beneficial to the human body”. If No, let us know what needs to be improved.

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